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Welcome to the Design KIT of MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems

The Design KIT for consultants, planners and engineers is a comprehensive tool to facilitate the design, planning and engineering of time distribution systems and clocks.

For consultants, planners and engineers, the Design KIT shall

  • help to understand the general structure of a time distribution system.
  • introduce the different technologies (time protocols) of a time distribution system.
  • give an overview of MOBATIME solutions and products for a time distribution system.
  • deliver necessary (tender) documents to design and plan a time distribution system for a specific project (technical description, product specification, compliance matrix, etc.)


The Design KIT is composed of the following sections (please refer to the navigation on the left side):


   General Description of a time system and clocks
   Time systems with MOBALine protocol
   Time systems with NTP protocol
   Time systems with wireless time protocol (WTD)

Schools / Universities / Hospitals   

Railways / Metros / Airports

The Design Kit is your comprehensive tool to planify a time distribution system.


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